Achievement School Application Process

Submissions Requirements

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What is an Achievement School? An autonomous school authorized by the Nevada State Achievement School District that serves students currently in schools on the State’s Priority list. These may be new schools that serve students from Priority Schools via a lottery system or transformation schools where a school leader or school operator partners with a community to turnaround a current school in the same building with all of its current students.

Are you considering applying to operate an Achievement School with the Nevada ASD?

Addressing the challenges facing Nevada’s educational system will require solutions as unique as our state. We must partner with parents who have consistently had persistently underperforming school options available to their kids and provide opportunities and options for those students as quickly as possible.

The Nevada ASD will incorporate key aspects of the local landscape and parent perspective into its practices while also building on best practices from similar intervention districts such as the Recovery School District in Louisiana and the Achievement School District in Tennessee. The students in these states have experienced strong growth and the previously underperforming schools have made great strides. Their example provides hope for what can be accomplished in Nevada.

We are committed to running a transparent, thorough school authorizing process that will respect applicants and elevate the voices of the communities that they will partner with. We believe that high-quality authorizing will lead to high-quality schools and the best results for kids to be college, career and community ready.

This year, to increase the number of options available for parent and family consideration, the Nevada ASD will have a second application review period for applicants interested in opening schools in the 2018-19 school year or after. Applications for the second review period are due by 11:59pm PST on October 31st. Note, the second application review period is for applicants who have not applied this calendar year or those who withdrew from the first application review period prior to receiving a supplemental request for information.

As you complete your application, please feel free to contact us with any questions. You can email us at or call us at (702) 668-4337.

Thank you for your interest in serving the kids of Nevada!

  • Office Hours- September 1 through October 27, every Friday 9am-11am PST; use the contact information provided above.


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