Commission on Educational Technology


In Nevada today, we find ourselves in a new world. Economic and workforce pressures, brought on largely by globalization and the resulting shift of routine work overseas, require a rigorous self-examination of what we do in schools to prepare students to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected global society.
Our schools find themselves competing with new and exciting media-rich environments for entertainment and social communications. Our students engage in meaningful communication outside of school using Web 2.0 and other highly mobile technologies and structures. They collaborate as digital, global citizens to address real world, relevant issues.
The challenge, then, is to transform our industrial education model with modern tools, strategies, and learning resources to prepare our young learners for their futures. The following executive summary outlines the plan of the state of Nevada to do just that.


Nevada Ready 21 transforms K-12 education by engaging all students in a personalized, learner-centered education. By purposefully infusing technology into students' daily experience, Nevada Ready 21 teachers will provide students with a 21st Century education that builds a vibrant, diverse economy. This plan provides a blueprint for implementing one-to-one student computing in Nevada schools. The plan is neither funded nor legislated and thus, is not a plan in action. It is approved by the Nevada Commission on Educational Technology and provides a vision for implementing 1:1 in Nevada schools.