English Mastery Council

English Mastery Council

Senate Bill 504 was passed by the 2013 Nevada Legislature.  This bill requires the creation of a statewide English Mastery Council (EMC) in order to improve the quality of English Language Learner (ELL) education in Nevada.  The EMC has 3 main areas of work which include the following:

I.     TESL Endorsement: 

  • Review university courses of study to teach ESL;
  • Recommend improvements for any courses of study;
  • Make recommendations for the adoption of regulations concerning the requirements for an endorsement to Teach English as a Second Language (TESL); and
  • Submit TESL recommendations to the Commission on Professional Standards.

II.   District Policy and Plan Criteria: 

  • Make recommendations concerning criteria for all districts to develop their policy to serve ELLs;
  • Submit policy criteria recommendations to State Board; and
  • Review annually each district policy to serve ELLs.

III.   Standards and Curriculum:

  • Develop standards and criteria for a curriculum for ELLs for consideration by the State Board.