Completion of this application and a successful background check is a requirement for your appointment by the Governor to a Board, Commission, Committee, Authority, or other Position of Trust. Information submitted on this form may be subjected to public disclosure under NRS Chapter 239, Public Records.

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Background Information

If you answer "yes" to any question below, please mail explanations with the documents to be downloaded, printed and mailed in the section below.

  1. Have you ever had a grievance or complaint filed with any board that regulates your professional license(s), or had a professional license suspended, revoked or modified?  
  2. Have you failed to file federal income tax returns for any of the past 5 years? 
  3. Are you, or is any company in which you had a controlling interest, delinquent in filing any local, state or federal taxes? 
  4. Have you, or any company in which you had a controlling interest, ever declared bankruptcy within the last seven years? 
  5. Are you or any organization that employs you a recipient of any state grant monies? 
  6. Are you aware of any conflict of interest that might result from your appointment? 
  7. Do you serve on any local or state board, commission, council, authority, or in any elected office?  
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  8. Do you have any charter school experience?  
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  9. Upload a personal statement (200 words or less) describing why you want a seat on the State Public Charter School Authority board.