Teachers and Leaders Council Members


NRS 391.455(g): Representative of the Regional Professional Development Program

Pam Salazar, Ed.D. (Chair)
Term ends 6/30/2019

NRS 391.455(a): Designee of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kat Galland-Collins

NRS 381.455(b): Designee of the Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education

Kim Metcalf, Ph.D.

NRS 391.455(c): 4 Public School Teachers

Mary Owens
Term ends 6/30/2019
Brian Rippet
Term ends 6/30/2019
Theo Small
Term ends 6/30/2019

NRS 391.455 (d) pursuant to passage of AB320: Other Licensed Educational Professional

Michele Sanchez-Boyce
Term ends 6/30/2020

NRS 391.455(e): 2 School-level Administrators

Gabe Gonzalez
Term ends 6/30/2020
Anthony Nunez (Vice Chair)
Term ends 6/30/2020

NRS 391.455 (e): District Superintendent

Teri White
Term ends 6/30/2020

NRS 391.455(f): 2 Members of Boards of Trustees of School Districts

James Cooney
Term ends 6/30/2020

NRS 391.455(h): Parent Representative

Dee Ann Roberts
Term ends 6/30/2021

NRS 391.455(i): 2 Persons with Expertise in Public Policy Development Relating to Education

Zhan Okuda-Lim
Term ends 6/30/2020
Meredith Smith
Term ends 6/30/2019


Nevada Department of Education
9890 South Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89183

Kristin L. Withey, Ph.D.
Education Programs Professional


Greg Ott
Deputy Attorney General