Title I Committee of Practitioners


Section 1903 (b) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (NCLB) established the membership and duties of the Title I Committee of Practitioners (COP).
Each state educational agency (SEA) that receives Title I funds is required to create a COP to "review, before publication...any proposed or final State rule or regulation pursuant to [Title I]." --P.L.107-110, 1903(b)

Members of the committee shall include:

  • Local Educational Agencies (majority of the membership)
  • School Administrators
  • Teachers, including Vocational Educators
  • Parents
  • Local School Board Members
  • Private School Representatives
  • Pupil Services Personnel (e.g. counselors, social workers, psychologists)

Committee members must be formally appointed to serve by the State Board of Education, and have historically served for three-year terms upon appointment (there are no term limits).

Nevada's COP meets semi-annually to discuss Title I-related issues and policies within the state. Given the geographic size of the state, meetings may be conducted remotely (committee members traveling to any in -person meetings can be reimbursed using Title I funds).

The COP serves solely in an advisory capacity, and does not have an associated budget apart from travel funds for committee members.