Business & Marketing Education


Business and Marketing Education spans three career clusters: Business Management and Administration, Finance, and Marketing. The standards and programs of study follow industry validated national standards and program recommendations from MBA Research and Curriculum Center, a consortium of states supporting Business and Marketing education. Students have opportunities to prepare for industry certifications, postsecondary education and the workplace.

    The Employability Skills for Career Readiness Standards must be an integrated component of all CTE course sequences.


      Administrative Services

      The Administrative Services program provides students with the principles of business office procedures and management. Areas of study include software applications, accounting functions, customer relations, human resources, and career exploration.

      Business Management

      The Business Management program provides students with the overall principles of business management. Areas of study include economics, budgeting, human resource management, operations, strategic management, and financial-based decision making.


        Accounting & Finance

        The Accounting and Finance program provides students with a foundation in accounting, financial information, and financial business decision making. Areas of study include laws and regulations, evaluating financial information, banking, investment, economics, and risk management concepts.



          The Entrepreneurship program provides students instruction in the nature and scope of entrepreneurship, the impact of entrepreneurship on market economies, marketing functions, and economic concepts. Business plan development is the key tool by which students will learn concepts in marketing plans, business functions, and finance.


          The Marketing program provides students with the overall principles of marketing and business administration. Areas of study include economic systems, business fundamentals, marketing information, product/service management, promotion, pricing and professional selling.

          Sports & Entertainment Marketing

          The Sports and Entertainment Marketing program provides students with knowledge in business functions, economics, marketing principles, selling, ticket distribution, and finance as applied to sports and entertainment marketing. Emphasis is placed on event marketing and promoting in large venues such as concerts and sporting events.