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Charter School Sponsors

The Charter Schools Sponsor's information (listed below) is to be utilized as a primary source of contact information:

Reports or Meeting Minutes Contacts

For submissions of reports or meeting minutes, or information about the state's oversight of charter school sponsors, please contact the following Nevada Department of Education employees:
Colin Usher


    Charter School Program Grants Contact

    Rebecca Phipps


      Charter Schools in Nevada are public schools funded by the state. Charter Schools are set up by a committee with the desire to provide an educational situation that better meets the needs of some students. Currently the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority (SPCSA) is the only sponsor accepting applications for new charter schools. The SPCSA Governing Board (GB) has adopted standards from the National Charter School Resource Center to ensure these schools are held to high standards and serve students in the best possible manner. There is no charge to attend a charter school although there may be a fee for certain specific items or events. Charter schools must be in a traditional "brick and mortar" building or provide "distance education". Charter schools must be in compliance with the contract or written charter that was entered into with the SPCSA GB, the Carson City Governing Board, the Clark County School District Governing Board or the Washoe County School District Governing Board. Charter schools are governed by NRS 388A, NAC 386 and various other regulations and codes-check with your sponsor for clarification.
      Charter Schools sponsored by SPCSA must use EpiCenter for all submissions.

        Charter Schools Grant Program

        The Nevada Charter Schools Program Grants are designed to support newer public charter schools in Nevada and to disseminate best practices from effective charter schools to improve student achievement. For more information about the Charter Schools Grant Program, click the link below.

        Charter Nevada

        Designed for teachers, administrators, and those thinking about starting a charter school, Charter Nevada is a collection of resources regarding best practices on a variety of charter school topics.


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