Commission on Professional Standards: Members as of May 2014

Rajeev Gupta
Secondary School Representative
Term Ends 6/30/2014
Patrick Casey
Middle/Jr. High School Representative
Term Ends 6/30/2016
Wendy Zastawniak
Elementary School Representative
Margaret Bean
Special Education Representative
Term Ends 6/30/2014
Ana Zeh
Counselor/Psychologist Representative
Term Ends 6/30/2014
David Wilson
Administrator Representative, Vice President (Principal)
Term Ends 6/30/2014
Jeffrey Geihs
Administrator Representative 
Term Ends 6/30/2014
Melissa Burnham
College Dean Representative, President
Term Ends 6/30/2014
Jennifer A. Carvalho
General Public Representative 
Term Ends 6/30/2014

Nevada Department of Education Staff

Dena Durish
Director of Educator Effectiveness
Nicholas Sheppard-Miller
Administrative Assistant to Commission

Deputy Attorney General

Greg Ott
Office of the Nevada Attorney General