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Fee Schedule for Public Records  Requests: 
No fees will be assessed until total costs reach $10. If the cost of producing the records is estimated to be more than $10, the records will not be produced until payment is received, unless a decision to waive fees has been made.

Staff time: 
Pursuant to NRS 239.055, a fee may be charged for extraordinary staff time for processing, researching, copying, or legal/technical review. "Extraordinary staff time" is defined as any time over 30 minutes required to process records requests. Fee will be based on the salary grade of the staff person who provides or prepares the requested information.    

  • $20 per hour per staff member  (Grades 10-19) 
  • $30 per hour per staff member (Grades  20-29) 
  • $40 per hour per staff member (Grades  30-39) 
  • $50 per hour per staff member (Grades  40+)   

Copying fees:

  • Black & white, 8 %" x 11"      $0.03 per page 
  • Black & White, 8 %" x 14"     $0.06 per page
  • Color up to 8 %" x 14"          $0.10 per page 
  • Electronic scanning to CD      $5 per  disc 
  • Certified true copies:             $5 per page

Postage:  All shipping will be USPS Parcel Post unless otherwise requested. Costs will be reimbursed by the requester.

Payment:  Payment may only be made by checks or money orders made out to "Nevada Department of Education."