Information Request


The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) fulfills three types of requests for information: 

  • Public records requests: documents that are prepared, used, or maintained by NDE in the course of governing or performing a governmental function.
  • Education records requests: records directly related to a student and maintained by NDE (meaning the record contains personally identifiable information about a student)x
  • Data Requests: collections of numeric or other information not otherwise contained in public or education record.

If you  have a general inquiry that is not a request for information as defined above, please contact NDE receptionist at (775) 687-9229 for further assistance.

Before submitting a formal request for information, all requesters are expected to check the following public data sources to see if the data may already be available: 

  • Nevada Report Card: detailed information (including downloadable datasets) about each Nevada school and district, including assessment results, student demographics, teacher qualifications, student safety, parent involvement and much more.
  • Nevada School Performance Framework (NSPF): information about the Nevada school ratings and classifies schools within a five-star performance rating system.