Information Request


The Nevada Department of Education fulfills two types of information requests: public records request and data requests.

Public records are generally described as documents created in the process of department operation.  Data requests are generally described as collections of numeric information.

  • To request a Public Record send an email to:
  • To submit a Data Request, follow the instructions on the Data Request form located in the left navigation column.

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FIOA), the public may request copies of documents created by the Nevada Department of Education.

“A FOIA request can be made for any agency record. You can also specify the format in which you wish to receive the records. You should be aware that the FOIA does not require agencies to do research for you, to analyze data, to answer written questions, or to create records in response to a request.” (

The Nevada Department of Education website  provides public access to a  large number of records and data.  Please explore the site and determine if the information you are seeking is already available prior to submitting a request.