Free On-line Math Tool for Nevada Students

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) has purchased membership in the NROC Project (NROC), which is a national, community-guided non-profit project focused on college and career readiness. NROC membership provides access to EdReady for all Nevada high school juniors and seniors and all NSHE students. EdReady is a personalized college math readiness application designed to help learners test their college math readiness, view study options, and follow a personalized student path to fill in the knowledge gaps.

The EdReady tool can be used by high school students who are preparing to take the statewide ACT college entrance exam administered to all 11th graders in Nevada and any other college entrance exam. As a personalized college readiness system, EdReady helps students avoid the time and cost of remedial education. Teachers will have access to learning analytics that they can use to guide their students to success, laying the critical groundwork for success in college.

Students only need their school ID to log on and set up their free account at nevada.edready.org.