Educator Preparation

Nevada Teacher Education Programs

The links below provide information on how to apply to become a state-approved educator preparation program. In addition, you will find a list of the current state approved traditional educator preparation programs and the state approved alternative route to licensure programs. An individual who completes a preparation program that is not on one of the following lists may still be eligible for a Nevada educator license. The listed programs are the most direct route to becoming an educator in Nevada.

Title II Part C

Section 205 of Title II of the Higher Education Opportunity Act mandates that the U.S. Department of Education collect data on state assessments, other requirements, and standards for teacher certification and licensure, as well as data on the performance of teacher preparation programs. The link below takes you to the Title II Reporting web site.

National Board Certification

The Nevada Legislature provided funding to support reimbursement of expenses incurred by teachers who successfully complete certification for National Board. Any reimbursement received is based upon the total number of claims made against the money set aside by the Legislature. The Department will contact those eligible for reimbursement directly. 2017-2018 reimbursement funds are yet to be determined. Currently $49,000 is allocated for reimbursement amongst all eligible candidates.