Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL)

Approved ARL Providers

Prospective ARL Candidates

  • Per NAC 391.461, Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) programs must be approved by the Commission on Professional Standards.

  • Per NAC 391.057, the minimum requirements for ARL/conditional licensure are:          

    • Accepted by a qualified provider for enrollment in a program for an alternative route to licensure and complies with the instructional and training policies and procedures of the provider
    • Holds a bachelor’s degree from a postsecondary institution that is regionally accredited
    • Passes competency test in basic reading, writing and mathematics competency exam (Praxis™ Core Academic Skills for Educators), or be eligible for an exemption per NAC 391.036 (Section 3)
    • Holds a major or minor in the desired area of licensure or passes the corresponding Praxis II Subject Area Assessment approved by the Commission (for all secondary grades 7-12 subject areas and K-12 music, art, or physical education)

ARL Program Providers

(districts, colleges/universities, private providers)

Per NAC 391.461 any provider which wishes to offer a program for an alternative route for the licensure of teachers and/or administrators must apply to the Commission on Professional Standards on a form prescribed by the Department of Education for approval to become a qualified provider.

Alternative Route to Licensure Provider Application Timeline

Due process review The Commission on Professional Standards in Education is not accepting applications for Alternative Route to Licensure Providers at this time. Please check back in the fall of 2017 for the new process.