Professional Development Preapproval Requests

The following guidelines will help you to prepare your application:

Approved Professional Development (PD) sessions are valid for the CURRENT academic year. If you plan on offering the same training in the future, contact NDE about how to re-submit your application for review.

Expect NDE review to take a minimum of 3 weeks; submit your application at least one month before your proposed session is to begin.

For every 7.5 hours of qualifying contact time, you should request 0.5 Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

The smallest possible unit we may approve is 0.5 CEU, equivalent to 7.5 contact hours. It is possible to “bundle” multiple sessions together but only if the sessions complement each other and align to the same or similar standards.

If your proposed PD is to be offered for a range of credits (e.g. - 0.5 to 2 credits), you must explain why the requested range is appropriate.

If your proposal includes any work to be completed online, you MUST provide details of your time-monitoring system and how someone will verify that the minimum requirements have been met before issuing certificates of completion.

The following activities DO NOT count as qualifying time:

  • Breaks or meals
  • Orientation (including how an online system works)
  • Networking
  • Time devoted to independent reading
  • Time spent completing an “assignment”
  • Individual, unmonitored reflection time
  • Workshop evaluation or assessment
  • Any contracted time (CEUs may NOT be issued during regular contract time and CEUs may not be issued if participants receive a stipend)

You must maintain attendance records for all approved PD and produce those records as requested by NDE.



    Contact the Education Programs Professional with any questions.(see email below)

    Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing