Application for Licensure

Effective Monday, April 2, 2018, our brand new Online Portal for Applications and Licensure (OPAL) system is live for all educators who wish to apply for licensure, obtain additional endorsements, or renewal their current licenses. The link to OPAL is:

    EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2018 paper applications will no longer be accepted. All applications for initial licensure, renewal of licensure, reapplication of licensure, and/or additional endorsements must be submitted online through OPAL.

      Credit Card Authorization Form

      This form is utilized to pay by credit card if the system will not allow you to pay online through OPAL.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. If submitting a credit card authorization form, it needs to be filled out in full and require a PDF copy of your government-issued picture identification (i.e. valid driver’s license) to be submitted along with it. This needs to have a clear picture and be legible.  Initial licenses and license reapply fees are $180, license renewals are $150, and additional endorsements are $50 each.

      Change Forms and Extension Requests

      We no longer have forms for these, simply log into your OPAL account and pick from the options available to change your name or address, request a one-time per licensure period 6-month extension, or submit an online request for provision removals.

        Verification of Experience

        This form is utilized to document verifiable teaching or work experience.

        Emergency Substitute Request

        This form is utilized by school districts to request that an individual be licensed as an emergency substitute pursuant to NAC 391.330.

        Notification of Offer or Termination of Employment (NRS 391.060, Subsection 2)

        This form is utilized by school districts or charter schools to request that a non-permanent resident who may legally work in the U.S. be licensed as an educator pursuant to the provisions of NRS 391.060, as amended by AB27 in the 2015 legislative session. It is also used to notify the Department that such an individual's employment has been terminated.

        Authorization for Release of Personal Information

        This form is utilized to allow the Department of Education to share information pertaining to your application for licensure with a specified individual or entity.

        Notification of Arrest

        This form is utilized by school districts or charter schools to report the arrest of a licensed employee to the Department of Education pursuant to the requirements of NRS 391.055.

        In-Service Course Preapproval

        This form is utilized if you are planning on attending a conference, seminar, in-service training session, or other educational opportunity and wish to receive credit toward your license renewal. Please complete and submit the form to the Office of Educator Licensure for approval at least 30 days before attending the event to allow for review and notification time.

        In-Service Provider Preapproval

        Training providers may request that their program be approved by the Department of Education for educator license renewal credit. This program and the associated form can be found under the Division of Educator Effectiveness and Family Engagement, Office of Educator Development and Support.

        Professional Development Preapproval Requests

        Approved Professional Development (PD) sessions are valid for the CURRENT academic year. If you plan on offering the same training in the future, contact NDE about how to re-submit your application for review.

        Expect NDE review to take a minimum of 3 weeks; submit your application at least one month before your proposed session is to begin.

        Applicant History Disclosure Form

        This form is utilized by applicants for employment in certain positions, pursuant to the provisions of AB 362 from the 2017 Legislative Session, to disclose relevant background information to potential employers. This form should not be returned to the Department of Education.

        Employment History Verification Form

        This form is utilized by prospective employers, pursuant to the provisions of AB 362 from the 2017 Legislative Session, to verify background information disclosed by applicants for employment. This form should not be returned to the Department of Education.