In-Service Preapprovals

The Nevada Department of Education requires all educators who are renewing their licenses to provide our office proof of six (6) renewal credits. Renewal credits may be submitted through in-service preapprovals to our office. Credit for credit will be given as long as the coursework taken has directly related to the fields of licensure and/or endorsements.

The relevant sections in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) specifying the transcript requirements are below:

PD Renewal Credits

To renew your Standard or Professional Educator License, you must submit evidence of completion of six (6) semester hours of continuing education or six (6) professional development credits. Each credit is equal to 15 hours, which means over the course of the license each educator must obtain ninety (90) hours of continuing education

Instructions: Please submit the request for in-service credit preapproval to the Office of Educator Licensure at least thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the activity, this form must be filled out completely with all required documentation to: When the credit has been approved by our staff, this form will be returned to you for submission with your renewal application. If the application is rejected, it will be returned along with an explanation of the deficiencies.

Pursuant to NAC 391.075, renewal credit may be approved for the following types of activities:

Credit for Conference, Seminar, or Workshop Attendance: Please provide a copy of the full agenda with the completed form.
Credit for Travel: Engaging in foreign or domestic travel which is directly related to the area of licensure of the person and is approved not less than 30 days before departure by the Department; two credits will be given for 6 weeks of travel, 1 credit for 1 month. No credit will be allowed for travel of less than 1 month. Please provide a copy of the itinerary with the completed form.
Credit for Teaching (Must hold a Master’s or higher degree): Please provide a letter of documentation from a college/university department chair or supervisor with the completed form.
Credit for Employment (For Secondary Career & Technical Education Licenses only): Please provide a letter of documentation from your employer with the completed form.

The approved form will be sent back to the email address you provided to our staff along with the number of preapproved credits. Once you have attended the event, you will either have to upload a PDF document of the certificate you received showing you attended through your OPAL profile, or you may upload at the same time that you renew your license.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How are credits established?
    A: We issue credit based on “contact hours,” for every 15 hours of contact, we can preapprove you for 1 credit. We can issue in .5 credit increments for every 7.5 hours of contact.

    Q: Can I upload the pre-approval form through OPAL?
    A: No. The pre-approval form must be filled out and then sent to the email so that our Educator Program Professional may evaluate the form and issue out the proper number of pre-approved credits to you.

    Q: Why do I have to submit 30 days in advance if I’m going to a conference or workshop?
    A: We must be given proper notice and enough time to do the pre-approval as we do not have sufficient staff to do expedited requests.

    Q: When I finish the pre-approved item, how do I get credit for it?
    A: You simply log into your OPAL account and upload a PDF copy of the certificate into your dashboard. This is located about midway down the page under Professional Development. Or you can wait and upload at the time of renewal as a PDF document. It will show up on the Department’s end either way.