The Office of Educator Licensure encourages currently licensed educators from other states to apply for reciprocal licensure in Nevada. Not all other states’ licenses are eligible for reciprocity. Before proceeding with the application process, please review the state licensure matrix below (as approved by the Nevada Commission on Professional Standards in Education) to verify if your current educator license will be accepted for review and possible reciprocity by Nevada. An educator who holds a current, unexpired educator license in any state, and who also holds a current, valid National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certificate, may receive a reciprocal Nevada license pursuant to NAC 391.0545. Pursuant to NRS 391.230 and NRS 391.302, you may not be employed by a Nevada school district unless you hold a valid Nevada educator license.

If your state and current educator license type does not appear on the matrix as one Nevada accepts:

Your application for licensure will have to be evaluated based on your college/university coursework and competency testing scores. Visit our Specific Areas of Licensure page to see the current academic and testing requirements for licensure in your desired area of specialization. Our General Licensure Information page contains other pertinent information on general requirements and the licensing process.

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    If your state and current educator license type does appear on the matrix as one Nevada accepts:

    You may be eligible for a reciprocal Nevada educator license. Review the available license and endorsement areas on our Specific Areas of Licensure page to see which most closely corresponds to your current area of licensure. Submit a copy of your valid, unexpired educator license from your current state to the Office of Educator Licensure, along with a copy of your competency testing scores, a completed application for licensure, all other supporting documents as specified on the General Licensure Information page, and your licensure fee. A licensure analyst will evaluate your application and determine your eligibility for licensure in Nevada.

    • Specific Areas of Licensure
    • General Licensure Information
    • Applications/Forms

      Reciprocity Matrix (Effective September 1, 2015)

      Reciprocity Matrix
      Alabama Professional A, B, AA
      Alaska Professional, Master, Type B, C, M, Limited (B&I/CTE), Retired

      Provisional, Standard, Provisional and Standard Specialized Secondary Certificate,

      Administrative, Professional Non-Teaching  
      Arkansas   Provisional, Standard, Ancillary, Lifetime, CT&E Permit  
      California Preliminary Multiple Subject, Clear Multiple Subject, Preliminary Single Subject, Clear Single Subject, Designated Subjects: 
      CT&E Credential, Admin Svcs, Pupil Personnel Svcs, School Nurse, Ed Specialist
      Colorado   Initial, Professional, Master, Initial CT&E, Professional CT&E 
      Connecticut  Professional, Vocational-Technical, Applied Curriculum Technology, Adult Education  
      Delaware   Initial, Continuing, Advanced 
      District of Columbia Regular II
      Florida   Professional
      Standard Professional (DR) & Performance-Based Professional (PR), Induction Permit, Life
      Hawaii Provisional, Standard, Advanced, CT& E Limited Standard
      Idaho Educator, Occupational Specialist (Limited, Standard, or Advanced)
      Illinois Professional
      Indiana Initial, Proficient, Accomplished Practitioner, Workplace Specialist
      Iowa Standard, Master Educator, Provisional and Full CT&E
      Kansas Initial, Professional, Accomplished Teaching
      Kentucky Professional
      Louisiana Level 2 & 3, Type A & B, CT&E, Life
      Maine Professional, Master
      Maryland Professional Eligible, Standard Professional 1 & 2, and Advanced Professional
      Massachusetts Preliminary, Initial, Professional
      Michigan Provisional, Professional, Professional and Advanced Occupation, 18 and 30 hour Continuing, Life
      Minnesota Professional, Life
      Mississippi A, AA, AAA, AAAA
      Missouri Initial Professional, 99 CCPC, Student Services, Life
      Montana Class 1,2,3,4,6
      Nebraska Initial, Life, Standard, Professional, CTE
      New Hampshire Experienced Educator, Beginning, Master
      New Jersey CEAS, Standard, Non-Citizen (Must have an offer of employment in Nevada if Non-Citizen)
      New Mexico Level 1, 2, 3
      New York Initial, Provisional, Professional, Permanent
      North Carolina Standard Professional 1and 2
      North Dakota Initial, Regular, Life
      Ohio Professional, Professional Pupil Services, Senior and Lead Professional
      Oklahoma Provisional, Standard
      Oregon Initial I & II, Continuing (Professional, Standard, Life)
      Pennsylvania Level I & II, Advanced Educator, Vocational 1 & 2
      Rhode Island Professional, Advanced Educator
      South Carolina Initial, Professional, Limited Professional
      South Dakota Initial
      Tennessee Apprentice, Professional
      Texas Standard, Provisional Life, Professional Life
      Utah Level 1,2,3
      Vermont Level 1,2
      Virginia Collegiate Professional, Postgraduate Professional, Technical Professional, Pupil Personnel
      Washington Professional
      West Virginia Initial Professional, Professional, Permanent Professional, CTE
      Wisconsin Professional, Master Educator, Life
      Wyoming Initial
      U.S. Dept. of Defense Professional
      U.S. Territories
      American Samoa, Federated Islands of Micronesia (Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpel, Yap), Guam, Northern Marina Islands, Puerto Rico, 
      U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, Water Island)
      All U.S. Territory educator licenses will be evaluated on an individual basis and acceptance of the license for reciprocity