Changing an Existing Educator License

If you wish to change your name or address, remove a provision from your license, or omit an endorsement or area of licensure, please log into your OPAL account and submit a request along with the required documentation.

If you are changing your name, you will need to upload a state-issued driver’s license or identification card, marriage certificate, certificate of naturalization, court order, or other official document verifying your new name. Address changes require no additional documentation.
If you are removing a provision from your license, be sure to submit test scores and/or original college or university transcripts documenting satisfaction of the requirements of that provision. Electronic transcripts will be accepted only if they are transmitted directly to the Department of Education from an accredited college or university, or from a recognized clearinghouse such as eScript. All electronic transcripts should be emailed to Transcripts submitted to the Department after May 31, 2017 will not be returned. (see the Forms page)

Renewing an Educator License

In order to renew any Nevada Educator License, you must submit a completed application through OPAL for licensure, along payment; we accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover for in the amount of $150 and one complete set of fingerprints. If you have requested a paper application and are mailing in your renewal and would like to pay by credit card, you may complete a credit card authorization form and include that with your application for renewal.

Fingerprints may be submitted electronically after you have submitted your online application through OPAL, or you may submit a completed FD-258 fingerprint card printed on light cardstock. Renewals may be submitted no earlier than nine months prior to the expiration date of your current license. Additional requirements for license renewal are outlined below.

To renew your Standard or Professional Educator License, you must submit evidence of completion of six continuing education or professional development credits. Credits may be earned from any accredited postsecondary institution, or from any approved continuing education provider. These credits must have been earned after the date your most recent license was issued, and before its expiration date. Pursuant to NAC 391.075, credits used for license renewal must be:

(1) Directly related to a person’s current license, or in an area that will enhance the effectiveness of that person’s teaching; or

(2) In a subject for which shortages of personnel exist, as determined by the State Board of Education; or

(3) Part of an approved program leading to an advanced degree.
Certain other educational activities as detailed in NAC 391.075 may be used in lieu of college/university coursework or PDE. For preapproval of these activities, complete an In-Service Preapproval Request and submit it to the Office of Educator Licensure. (see the Forms page)

Non-Renewable/Provisional Educator Licenses

A Non-Renewable/provisional Educator License may be upgraded to a Standard or Professional License once all provisions on the license have been fulfilled. Test scores and/or original transcripts showing satisfaction of all provisions must be submitted through OPAL along with a completed renewal application. No additional renewal credits are required to upgrade a Non-Renewable License. (see the Forms page)

    Renewing an Expired License

    If your educator license has expired, you must reapply for licensure. Submit a completed licensure application though OPAL to the Office of Educator Licensure along with one completed and signed fingerprint card or have your prints taken electronically at one of our approved providers after submittal and payment of your licensing fees $180 initial licensure fee must be paid at the time of application.

    If your expired license is a Standard or Professional License, you will need to submit proof of completion of 6 renewal credits as outlined above.

    If your expired license is a Non-Renewable License/Provisinal, you will need to submit test scores and/or transcripts showing that any remaining provisions on that license have been satisfied through your OPAL account.

    Please note that any standard or professional licenses which licensees have allowed to expire are no longer “grandfathered” and will receive the new provision for Parental Involvement and Family Engagement Coursework. This is pursuant to NRS 391.019 and NAC 391.045 effective July 2015. More information on this can be found by clicking on the Parent Involvement and Family Engagement link to the right of your screen under “Additional Resources.”

      Special Renewal Circumstances

      A holder of a Professional Educator License who has a Doctorate or Education Specialist degree, or who holds a National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification, must submit evidence of professional growth in the area of endorsement in lieu of 6 renewal credits. A person who has completed the requirements for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification (whether or not they hold a National Board Certificate) is not required to complete any renewal credits if he or she submits a copy of his or her official National Board assessment scores at the time of renewal.

      Pursuant to NAC 391.073, a holder of a Retiree License, or a licensee submitting a letter from the Nevada Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) verifying retired status or proof of 15 combined years through Nevada Public Schools, Private Schools, and/or Charter Schools with a completed Verification of Experience form, does not need to complete any continuing education credits for renewal. (see the Forms page)

      Special Requirements for Specific License/Endorsement Types

      Licensees who hold an educator license in any of the following areas are subject to special renewal requirements as detailed below:

      Automotive Service Technology: Must submit proof of valid ASE certification as a master automobile technician, or proof of valid certification in all of the following areas: brakes; electrical and electronic systems; engine performance; and suspension and steering (NAC 391.13065).

      School Nurse: Must submit proof of current licensure by the State Board of Nursing (NAC 391.305).

      School Psychologist: Must submit proof of current certification as a nationally certified school psychologist issued by the National School Psychology Certification System of the National Association of School Psychologists, or must complete 6 renewal credits as detailed above (NAC 391.315).

      School Social Worker: Must submit proof of current licensure by the Nevada Board of Examiners for Social Workers (NAC 391.320).

      Special Qualifications: May be renewed by showing evidence of professional growth in the area of endorsement during the term of the special qualifications license (NAC 391.0583).

      (see the Forms page)