The goal of the Refugee School Impact Program is to help refugee students successfully transition to a new way of life, and specifically, help students adjust to their new educational environment – socially and academically. Clark County School District (CCSD) works collaboratively with Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada’s Migration and Refugee Services (MRS) and the ECDC African Community Center (ACC) in the provision of services to refugee students. Grant funding supports the programs for refugee students at various schools throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

To keep schools informed of these students to provide needed services and support, CCSD, MRS and ACC consistently work to identify refugee students and monitor their needs.

The goal of refugee students becoming socially and academically successful will be positively impacted by meeting the objectives of providing support services, engaging refugee students in both specifically designed school activities and regular school activities, and by monitoring student achievement.


    • Kulwadee Axtell, Migrant Education Programs Director,, 775.687.9256
    • Karl Wilson, Education Programs Supervisor,, 702.668.4311