Turnaround Grant


Maria Sauter


In 2015, Nevada State Legislature passed SB 515, Sec. 24 that authorized the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) to offer Nevada's district and public charter 1-and 2-Star rated schools, according to the Nevada State Performance Framework (NSPF), funding to assist in implementing a school improvement plan. This allows NDE to establish a partnership with school leadership for the purpose of closing the achievement gap and increasing student achievement in all underperforming schools. 

This funding source is to be used to encourage change and dramatically improve student achievement in the identified 1- and 2-Star schools by making targeted investments in the areas aligned to Nevada's Theory of Action and Strategy for Underperforming Schools: Turnaround Strategy and Process. These documents are included in Appendix A.

Proposed Timeline for Application

Date Action
February 1, 2016 Application for fund will be released 
February 4, 2016 2:00 pm (PST) Q & A conference call with potential applicants
February 17, 2016 Applications for Turnaround funds due to Nevada Department of Education (NDE) on or before this date.
February 18-26, 2016 Applications will be reviewed
March 1, 2016 Applicants will be notified of approval and award status
June 30, 2016  Last date expenditures can be made against this grant award
July 15, 2016 Final diagnostic reports due to NDE