Nevada Ready 21: Igniting Economic Development Through Students' 21st Century Skills



Nevada Ready 21 transforms K-12 education by engaging all students in a personalized, learner-centered education.  By purposefully infusing technology into students' daily experience, Nevada Ready 21 teachers provide students with a 21


Century education that builds a vibrant, diverse economy.  This plan provides a blueprint for implementing one-to-one student computing in Nevada schools and was approved by the Nevada Commission on Educational Technology in September 2014.  Nevada Ready 21 is a multi-year plan for implementing one-to-one student computing whereby middle schools will be the initial focus and high schools will follow.

State General fund of $20 million has been allocated to implement the Nevada Ready 21 Technology Grant Program.  Funding is distributed via the Commission on Educational Technology in order to build whole-school capacity for instructional technology. The Commission's Nevada Ready 21 plan calls for every student to have access to the two most important educational opportunities available:  (1) skilled educators who value connected, personalized, student-centered learning, and (2) continuous access to a personal, portable device that is connected wirelessly to the Internet.  There is also funding of $2 million for Wide Area Network incentives and staffing to manage the program.