Business Community

Opportunities for your Future Workforce

As our economy has changed, so has the needs of our workforce. As a business leader, you recognize many of the needs of your workforce may extend beyond candidates with a four-year degree. By investing in the next generation you’re ensuring a future healthy economy and workforce in Nevada. Preparing the future workforce creates solutions for current issues many employers face, including shortages in finding qualified workers. When students have the opportunity to explore career options prior to graduating high school, they emerge qualified and committed, filling labor shortages across a broader range of industries.

  • Fifty three percent of business leaders have said it is difficult to recruit U.S. employers with the skills, training and education their companies need. 
  • At the same time, more than half of American companies have jobs they cannot fill, with employers reporting that applicants lack workplace and technical competencies.

    Partners for the Future

    Nevada is teaming up with the local business community to boost students’ career opportunities while students are still in high school by providing real-world experience and opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials. Business partnerships help improve the future of our students, and the opportunities are endless, including hosting student interns, facilitating industry-recognized credentials, offering a variety of work-based learning programs, and providing post-graduation opportunities to students whose career experience recognizes their ability to be a company asset.

    Get involved in the Statewide Work-Based Learning Pledge.
    What the pledge means:

    • Your organization is committed to supporting Nevada’s young adults future
    • At the end of the year (or based on your organizations work-based learning cycle of engagement), your organization will share how many students your organization have
      • spoken to about your industry
      • provided an internship
      • or hired as a pre-apprentice or apprentice