NV 150 a

Nevada's Sesquicentennial Celebration

Education Projects

There are six main projects that will be focused on for the NV 150 Celebration in regards to education.

All of these projects will intertwine with each other to create a legacy of understanding the rich history of Nevada and how that history is important in context with United States History. The Home Means Nevada Essay Contest and Nevada Reads Literacy Initiative will be led by the Nevada Department of Education, as well as the National History Day in Nevada program. The Nevada Reads Literacy Initiative will merge with the NV 150 Commissions plan to spotlight/sponsor specific schools around the state and their special projects relating to the sesquicentennial. 

The Teaching with Historic Places will be led by Commissioner Kirk and the Nevada 150 Education Work Group, we hope to work in conjunction with the National Parks Service to ensure the lessons plans created. The Nevada’s Place in the World Teachers Workshops will consist of several workshops around the state to increase the content knowledge of teachers grades 3-12 how Nevada’s history fits into US (and World) History. This will be led by Commissioner Kirk and the NV 150 Education Work Group.

The legacy of all of these projects will not only be the student impact but the sixth project which is a collection of various resources created by these projects but also gathered by the work group, teachers involved in the projects and the commission. This will represent a huge collection of books, document, photographs, lesson plans, websites and more that can be used in schools for many years to come to teach about the rich history of Nevada.

    NV 150 a