Nevada Ready 21 Program Contact List

Support (Device & Network)

CTL NR21 Support Help Desk:
Direct: 844.309.2100

CTL Project Manager

Amy Al-Khalisi
Direct: 971.327.0166
Cell: 503.720.0091

Nevada Department of Education

    Heather Crawford-Ferre, Education Program Professional
    Direct: 775.687.5937

    Mike Malone, Program Manager & Communications Officer
    Cell: 775.430.6515

    Evelyn P. Barragan, Grants and Projects Analyst
    Direct: 775.687.2451
    Fax: 775.687.9118

    Lisa Evans, Ph.D, Performance Manager, Nevada Ready 21, Director of Research - Wexford, Inc.
    Direct: 310.541.1504

    Audra Arman-Richardson, Professional Development Strategist

    Ingrid Johnson, Professional Development Strategist

    Tearra Bobula, Professional Development Strategist
    Direct: 775.283.1506