More then 200 Social Workers in Schools Hired through NDE's Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment

Immediate Release


Greg Bortolin
Carson City, NV - September 09, 2016

The Nevada Department of Education announced today that 209.5 Social Workers in Schools (SWxS) professionals have been awarded to 165 schools throughout Nevada.

“I am very proud of our Office for a Safe and Respectful Learning Environment (OSRLE), superintendents, and school districts in quickly fulfilling the legislative intent to help create a positive social climate and assist children and their families,” said Steve Canavero, Ph.D., Superintendent of Public Instruction. “These mental health professionals are working hard to ensure that our schools reflect a safe and empowering learning environment.”

OSRLE awarded 173.5 SWxS positions as part of the first round of the SWxS Grant on July 5. Round one included hiring SWxS professionals across 11 school districts and five charter schools, resulting in 134 schools served statewide. On Tuesday, OSRLE was able to award an additional 36 SWxS professionals as part of the second round of the grant awards. These additional awards were granted to eight of the original school districts, one of the original charter schools, and one new charter school, resulting in an additional 31 schools served statewide. The total amount budgeted for the 209.5 positions is $11,007,150.

“We are very excited about this partnership and social workers in schools,” said Traci Davis, Washoe County School District Superintendent. “School social workers help students and families address factors that impede academic success such as poverty, substance abuse, violence and lack of mental health support. School social workers will strengthen and complete a comprehensive system of student and family support.”

“The Lyon County School District is very appreciative and thankful for the funding of social workers in our schools,” said Alan Reeder, Lyon County School District Deputy Superintendent. “We have continued to hear from our principals and counselors about the value the social workers are providing for our students in connecting them to much-needed community resources. Again, we appreciate the opportunity to provide this valuable resource for our students.”

“We welcome the additional support that the social workers provide to our students, families, and staff,” said Richard Stokes, Carson City School District Superintendent. “Our District has been blessed with 14 caring individuals who have already made a significant impact in our schools."

As the awarded positions are filled and unused funds are recaptured, OSRLE will continue to award additional positions as those funds become available, with the goal of utilizing all grant funds to place a SWxS professional in as many schools that applied for the grant for the current school year as possible. Based on applications received for SWxS professionals for FY 2016-2017 there are currently 24 additional schools on the waiting list for the current school year.

Senate Bill 515 awarded NDE block-grant funding to school districts based on need as designated from the School Climate Survey taken last year.