New Passing Score for the GED® Approved in Nevada

Press Release


Greg Bortolin
Carson City, NV - April 28, 2016

Immediate Release

LAS VEGAS, NVToday the Nevada State Board of Education voted to approve the new national passing score of 145 for the General Educational Development (GED) test, leading to a Nevada Certificate of High School Equivalency (HSE). The GED Testing Service recently announced a recalibration to the GED Test passing score from 150 to 145. The program will also include two optional HSE levels to signify college readiness, and the possibility for some test-takers to apply for college credits.

The new performance levels apply retroactively to test-takers who have tested since January 1, 2014. Examinees who earned scores between 145-149 prior to the new passing score are now eligible for a state credential.

“More than 300 Nevada adults are now eligible to receive their Nevada Certificate of High School Equivalency,” said Brad Deeds, State HSE Administrator. “This can open the door for more people to now pursue postsecondary education and training, and more fully participate in the New Nevada career pathways system.”

After collecting and analyzing extensive data on test-taker performance and early outcomes, the GED program can now measure the full spectrum of a typical graduating high school class. According to Patrick Crane, Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission Research Director, the 2013 and 2014 GED test passers were less likely to place into remedial coursework than community college students who recently graduated from high school.

As GED passing scores are in Nevada Administrative Code (NAC 385.408 and NAC 389.694), the Board of Education’s decision today also allows students to waive credits based upon the new passing scores should they elect to continue on after passing an HSE test to pursue their Adult Standard Diploma

MEDIA CONTACT: Brad Deeds, State HSE Administrator, 775-687-7289