Shining and Rising Stars School Lists to be Announced Friday at Nevada Department of Education

Immediate Release


Greg Bortolin
Las Vegas, NV - October 13, 2016

Two lists related to school quality will be announced Friday at the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) in Las Vegas.

  • What: Announcement of Rising and Shining Stars school lists
  • Where: Nevada Department of Education, 9890 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas
  • When: 2 p.m., Friday, October 14

The Shining Stars list was created to recognize and celebrate achievement at schools that have significantly outperformed the State in serving all students, with an emphasis on closing achievement gaps.

Also to be announced is the Nevada Rising Stars list. It replaces the “underperforming schools” list and identifies schools in need of targeted support and intervention. NDE, in partnership with districts and the community, will utilize this list annually to assist these schools in “rising up” the state’s Star Rating System and delivering a high quality education to historically underserved students. This list of schools meets the criteria for any State level intervention and meets the Federal requirement to publish a list of the State’s lowest performing schools.

The high performing Shining Stars schools demonstrate what is possible for each Rising Star school.