Carlin High Leads Nevada's Five-Year Cohort Graduation Rate

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Greg Bortolin
Carson City, NV - July 12, 2017

Nevada’s five-year adjusted cohort graduation rate for 2015-16 has risen 2.74 percentage points from the previous four-year graduation rate to 73.51 percent.

“Our graduation rate is trending in the right direction and very close to the goals we established in our ESSA plan to become the fastest improving state in the nation,” said Steve Canavero, Ph.D., Superintendent of Public Instruction. “Hitting these targets is a key part of preparing all students for success in the new Nevada economy. We can all learn from the schools and districts who are leading the way in raising our graduation rates and ensuring that our students are college and career ready.”

The number of graduates in the five-year adjusted cohort in Nevada rose by 630 students from the previous year to 24,877. The five‐year adjusted cohort graduation rate is the percentage of ninth graders who graduate in five years or less with a regular high school diploma.

Carlin High School’s 2015-16 graduating class in the Elko County School District (ECSD) showed the highest graduation rate increase among public high schools in Nevada with a 30.27 percentage point increase from the previous year to 81.25 percent.

“Carlin has focused on teaching rigorous lessons aligned to the Nevada State Content Standards, building positive relationships with students and parents, understanding poverty and its impact on student learning, teaching reading and writing in all subject areas and helping students understand the importance of an education whether they are going into a career or college right after high school,” said Mike Smith, ECSD Assistant Superintendent. “The combined efforts of all Carlin stakeholders to these ends have resulted in dramatically improved outcomes for students.”

West Wendover High School, also in ECSD, experienced the second highest gain in the state with a 25.45 percentage point rise to 80 percent.

Wooster High School showed the most dramatic increase in the Washoe County School District (WCSD) with a 7.9 percentage point gain to 84.12 percent– far exceeding the state and WCSD graduation rates.
“We have worked deliberately to change the culture of learning at Wooster High School, and you can feel the confidence in our students as you walk our campus,” said Leah Keuscher, principal at Wooster. “In the past five years, we have extended our school day, week, and year. Students attend after-school tutoring four days a week, Saturday Academies, and 60 hours of school during each break. We never close—we are always here—and this would not be possible without our staff members who dedicate their time to working extra hours and days.”

Cimarron Memorial High school highlighted the five-year cohort results in the Clark County School District (CCSD), the state’s most populous district, by raising its graduation rate 4.96 percentage points to 80.90 percent. Cheyenne had the highest percentage increase of comprehensive high schools in CCSD at 5.34 percentage points, raising its overall graduation rate to 72.27 percent.

"We're extremely proud of our students who stay the course and are committed to graduating," said Mike Barton, Ph.D., Clark County School District Chief Academic Officer. "Due to life circumstances, graduating in four years isn't always feasible. There are options for students who need more time and we're happy to see students and families taking advantage of these resources."

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