Four Districts Demonstrate Commitment to Student Achievement by Entering into Student Performance Compacts

Immediate Release

Carson City, NV March 07, 2017

Nevada school district leaders in the Carson City School District, Elko County School District, Mineral County School District, and Nye County School District took bold action on behalf of their students by agreeing to enter into Student Performance Compacts with the Nevada Department of Education.

“Agreeing to enter into Student Performance Compacts is the type of leadership our students need and, if brought to scale across the state, will result in Nevada becoming the fastest improving state in the nation,” said Steve Canavero, Ph.D., Superintendent of Public Instruction. “Entrance into the Student Performance Compact by Carson City, Elko, Mineral and Nye County School Districts demonstrates a commitment to student achievement and a recognition that our students can accomplish whatever we ask of them if we all agree to work together.”

A Student Performance Compact is an agreement between the Nevada Department of Education and a school district that outlines targets for school improvement aligned with becoming a three-star school in three years. Agreement to enter into a Student Performance Compact is also a clear signal that the district has a “demonstrated commitment” to school improvement as defined by the new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

As a part of the guidelines under new federal ESSA requirements, the Nevada Department of Education is required to hold approximately $8 million in federal Title I funds to award to qualifying schools and districts that demonstrate the greatest commitment to school improvement. Title I funding provides financial assistance to schools with a high percentage of children from low-income families.

“The Nevada Department of Education looks forward to working with the eligible schools in Carson City, Elko, Mineral, and Nye counties to develop thoughtful plans to improve student achievement,” Canavero said. “These schools will have access to a portion of the $8 million in Title I funds NDE has for school improvement and will have an opportunity to meet nationally recognized evidence based school leadership and instructional delivery providers that have been recruited to Nevada to serve Nevada students for the first time.”

The application for federal Title I school improvement funds will be available starting on March 15th. A school improvement vendor fair for eligible schools will take place on March 14th (Reno) and March 15th (Las Vegas). The application window will close on April 15th.

Rising Star schools that enter into a Student Performance Compact with the Nevada Department of Education and meet their targets are removed from consideration for the Nevada Achievement School District.

Background: In 2016 the Nevada Department of Education rebranded the state’s “Underperforming Schools List” as the “Rising Star List.” The Department also released, for the first time, the “Shining Star List” which includes nine high poverty, high performing Nevada schools. Consistent with the Department’s Strategic Plan and ESSA Plan, the Department of Education will focus its energy on improving the state’s most struggling schools and is committed to working in partnership with districts to do so. The Student Performance Compacts and the accompanying federal school improvement funding support are examples of the Department of Education's transition to implement both plans.


Greg Bortolin