Nevada Students Record Impressive Gains on AP Exams

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Greg Bortolin
Carson City, NV - September 26, 2017

For the second straight year, Nevada students improved their performance significantly on Advanced Placement (AP) Exams with an increase of 10.8 percent scoring a 3, 4 or 5 indicating college readiness. A score of 3 projects a C in a college freshman class, a 4 is a B and a 5 is an A.

“This is terrific news for our students who are taking advantage of the AP courses in high school in order to earn college credit,” said Steve Canavero, Ph.D., Superintendent of Public Instruction. “This is another strong indicator that Nevada is becoming the fastest improving state in the nation in education. By taking these more rigorous courses in high school, our students are demonstrating college readiness and saving money by successfully completing these courses before they enroll in college.”

Nevada’s AP Scholar Awards went to Annetoinette O. Figueroa from Clark High School in the Clark County School District and Watson Jia from McQueen High School in the Washoe County School District. The State AP Scholar Award is an academic distinction acknowledging students who have earned the most AP Exam scores of 3 or higher statewide and the highest average score on all AP Exams. Figueroa, whose AP scores were sent to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Jia, whose AP scores were sent to Princeton University, will be honored in a Washington DC ceremony.

The College Board, which measures AP data for Nevada’s public school students who tested last May show that:

- 20,697 students, an increase of 13.3 percent, took 36,850 AP Exams, an increase of 14.4 percent.
- 10,579 students who took AP Exams earned at least one score of 3, 4 or 5.
- 17,350 AP Exams (47 percent) earned scores of 3, 4, and 5.

After the state funded a College and Career Readiness grant designed to improve the performance of African American and Native American student on the AP Exams, 17.5 percent more African American students and 8.5 percent more Native American students earned scores of 3, 4 and 5 over last year.

The College Board today also released results from the SAT Assessment that has an associated set of metrics called the College and Career Readiness Benchmarks.

The SAT Math benchmark is the section score associated with a 75 percent chance of earning at least a C in first-semester, credit-bearing, college-level courses in algebra, statistics, pre-calculus or calculus. The SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) benchmark is associated with a 75 percent chance of earning at least a C in first-semester, credit-bearing, college-level courses in history, literature, social science, or writing.

Some highlights from Nevada’s SAT Assessment results include:

- 57 percent of Nevada’s Class of 2017 achieved the College Readiness Benchmarks in both Math and ERW.
- 5,528 students in the Class of 2017 took the SAT
- 53 percent of Nevada juniors who took the PSAT are on track to be College and Career Ready compared to 43 percent nationally.

More complete results from the College Board can be found at

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