New Score Reports Show Parents How Students Perform Year Over Year Compared to their School, District and State

Immediate Release

Carson City, NV July 31, 2017

Parents of Nevada students in grades three through eight will begin receiving more helpful Smarter Balanced assessment score reports in the coming weeks. For the first time, the score report will show parents and teachers their student’s growth over the past two years and information for parents to find useful resources for their child’s learning. Additionally, the score reports will also help to place a student’s performance in context compared to their school, their district, and state averages.

“The new information provided in the score report will help parents understand how well their child is learning and how they compare to other students at their school, in their district, and across Nevada.” said Steve Canavero, Ph.D., Superintendent of Public Instruction. “Parents will now have, at their fingertips, critical information to share with their child’s teacher to better understand how they can support their child’s learning.”

In Nevada all students in grades three through eight take the Smarter Balanced assessment that features criterion-referenced examinations in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and mathematics. The new score report clearly marks a student’s achievement level from one to four. Students meeting grade-level standards will earn an achievement level of three or four. Clear descriptions are provided that explain each students achievement level. For the first time a Spanish interpretation guide to the score report will be available on the Nevada Department of Education’s website.

The new score report also provides online resources for both ELA and mathematics to support student learning. The back side of the score report gives a more detailed breakdown of how a student is performing in ELA and math. For example, on the ELA description, parents will see how their student is performing in reading, writing, listening and research/inquiry. The level of detail on the score report is designed to show where students are struggling and excelling. Also included for the first time, the score report will include Lexile and Quantile scores which will help parents and teachers identify books and math materials at their student’s level.

“Kudos to whoever developed this report,” said Charles Williams, a parent of a student in the Clark County School District. “The color coding helps in giving a visual understanding of the report card. Each section gives a clear understanding on how to read and interpret the scores. I look forward to receiving an actual report about my student.”