Divisions & Offices


Jhone Ebert - Superintendent of Public Instruction

Contact: 775.687.9217/acthibault@doe.nv.gov

Public Information Officer-Greg Bortolin

The Public Information Officer handles media relations & public record requests while managing the department's website and social media activities.
Contact: 775.687.9201/gbortolin@doe.nv.gov 

The Office Safe and Respectful Learning Environment-Christy McGill  

Mission is to train, empower, educate, collaborate, advocate and intervene in order to ensure that every student in Nevada, regardless of any differing characteristic or interest feels fully protected physically, emotionally, and socially.
Contact: 775.687.9134

State Board of Education 

Acts as an advocate and visionary for all children and sets the policy. 


Heidi Haartz- Deputy Superintendent

Audit Office-Michael Shafer

Pupil enrollment and attendance, grants, internal controls, Title I Comparability, A-133s, compliance with NRS 387, and special requests. 
Contact: 775.687.9231/nmshafer@doe.nv.gov

Department Support-Vacant, Director of Fiscal Support 

Provides budget, contracts, fiscal & IT support to the Nevada Dept. of Education to ensure efficient and effective use of public funds. 

District Support

DSA and grants (fiscal) administration, enrollment reporting, fiscal transparency, strategic funding, and related analytical support.


Felicia Gonzales-Deputy Superintendent

Educator Licensure-Director Jason Dietrich
Our mission is to provide top-quality customer service
and to effectively & efficiently evaluate educator license applications in an expeditious manner, while ensuring that only those fully-qualified are licensed.
Contact: 702.668.4328/jdietrich@doe.nv.gov

Educator Development & Support- Kat Galland-Collins
NEPF-Nevada Educator Performance Framework, 
Educator Preparation, Nevada Plan to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators,Title II-, Great Teaching/Leading, Professional Development, Teacher of the Year

Parental Involvement & Family Engagement-Alberto Quintero
Was established in 2012 (NRS 385.630) to actively promote & support participation & engagement of families and communities.
Contact: 702.668.4334/albertoquintero@doe.nv.gov


Dr. Jonathan P. Moore, Ed.D.-Deputy Superintendent

Assessment, Data & Accountability Management-Peter Zutz
ADAM’s crosscutting mission is central to all Nevada Department of Education offices and to Nevada districts, schools, parents and educators. ADAM performs several functions critical to the effectiveness of the NDE as a change agent by informing the evaluation of effectiveness of schools, districts, and of State and federal improvement programs.

ADAM provides data and information to inform the improvement of systems of support aligned to the goals and objectives of Nevada Ready! the State Improvement Plan.

ADAM assures the validity, reliability and transparency of all processes related to the collection, management, and production of data related to the State-required assessments and to the statewide system of accountability (Nevada School Performance Framework or NSPF). Data is monitored and validated through well-designed and uniform processes for interacting with district users during data collection and production.

Career Readiness, Adult Learning & Education Options
Dedicated to developing innovative educational
opportunities for students to acquire skills for productive employment and lifelong learning.

Early Learning & Development-Patricia Oya
NV State Pre-k, Pre-k Development Grant, Head Start State Collaboration Office Grant, and Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) Quality Dollars.
Contact: 702.486.6492/poya@doe.nv.gov

Inclusive Education-Will Jensen
This program is committed to ensuring that ALL students in Nevada are college-and career-ready upon exit from the public school system.

Standards & Instructional Support-Dave Brancamp
Corroboration and monitoring of the statewide content standards adoption and implementation plan.
Contact: 775.687.5930/dbrancamp@doe.nv.gov

Student & School Supports-Seng-Dao Keo
Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate, ELL, GEAR UP, Homeless Children & Youths/McKinney-Vento, School Improvement, Striving Readers, Title I, 21st Century Community Learning Centers.