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        AB 165 provides a means for taxpayers to contribute funds to scholarship groups in lieu of paying all or part of the excise tax currently mandated by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

        Scholarship Organizations must demonstrate compliance with Section 5 of this bill and be approved by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

        The Nevada Department of Taxation must respond to the Scholarship Organization's application to donate said funds and authorize or deny this transaction. If the transaction is approved the Scholarship Organization must notify the taxpayer of the approval as well as the amount of credit approved.

        The taxpayer must make the donation within the next 30 days or forfeit the right to provide the funds and to received credit which as authorized by the Nevada Department of Taxation.

        The Nevada Department of Education is responsible for determining the maximum amount of scholarship funding any one student may receive. In 2015-2016 the grant or grants provided on behalf of any one student may not exceed $7,755.00.

        Scholarship Organizations may expend up to 5% of the money received to pay its administrative expenses.

        Schools receiving scholarship grants must maintain a record of academic progress in a manner prescribed by the Nevada Department of Education so that the Department is able to aggregate and report this information.

        The Nevada Department of Education shall collect from each scholarship organization a report detailing the name and address of said organization, the number of donations/gifts/grants/ received, the total dollar amount of these donations/gifts/grants received, the number of pupils who for whom grants were made, the dollar amount received, the name and address of the school, the number of grant recipients at that school and the total dollar amount of grants provided to students at the school.