2015-2018 Renewal of Nevada's ESEA Flexibility Waiver

The Nevada Department of Education intends to apply for a long-term renewal of the State's 2012 ESEA Flexibility Waiver. The approval of the ESEA Waiver Renewal Application will permit Nevada to continue improvements to the system of education designed to result in increased student readiness for post-secondary success.
Please take time to review Superintendent Erquiaga’s letter and to review the ESEA Waiver Renewal Frequently Asked Questions, then respond to the Survey about the Waiver.
For questions or further information, email Diane Mugford (   

Background on ESEA Flexibility

"In September 2011, the U.S. Department of Education (Department) offered each State educational agency (SEA) the opportunity to request flexibility, on behalf of itself and its local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools, to help them move forward with State and local reforms designed to improve student learning and increase the quality of instruction for all students" (ESEA Flexibility Guidance for Renewal Process, 2013).

"SEAs, LEAs, and schools implementing ESEA flexibility are meeting a high bar.  They are holding all students to high standards, and protecting students by ensuring that low-achieving students in each subgroup are identified for targeted interventions based on need.  ESEA flexibility also challenges SEAs to meet the goal of having an effective teacher in every classroom and an effective principal in every school” (ESEA Flexibility Guidance for Renewal Process, 2013).