Mathematics I Diagnostic Tool And Remediation Lessons


The Math I Diagnostic Tool is a formative assessment that gives teachers detailed information on what students need for remediation. The Math I Tool is aligned to the NVACS selected for the Math I End of Course Examination (see HS End of Course Exams ) and takes the guess work out of planning for remediation.

Diagnostic Tools

Quick Start Guide

Provides step-by-step information on how to administer and score
the Math I Diagnostic Tool.

  • Quick Start Guide

Student Booklet

Contains multiple choice and short answer questions aligned to the
selected NVACS for Math I. The EOC Diagnostic Tool is strictly for
informing remediation and is not validated for high-stakes, decision-making
purposes (e.g., grading, pre- and/or post-test, practice test). Results are
not intended to predict outcomes on the EOC Examinations. Downloading
these materials signifies you have read and understood the terms of use.

  • Student Booklet

Scoring Guide

 Contains notes for scoring items.

  • Scoring Guide

 Visual Item Map 

Provides teachers a place to record:
   individual student results
   areas of strength
   areas needing improvement
   remediation plans
   student conference notes
   student formulated learning goals

  • Visual Item Map

Math I Remediation Lessons

The following remediation lessons are aligned to and exemplify the rigor of the NVACS for Math I.