Social Studies Standards

Students growing up in the 21st Century face new and exciting challenges unfamiliar to previous generations. These students will need to be open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives with an understanding of how cultural differences impact the interpretation of events at the local, state, national, and international levels. The purpose of the Nevada Social Studies Standards is to articulate a foundation of skills and content knowledge necessary for Nevada’s students to be successful in our increasingly diverse society.

The Revised Nevada State Social Studies Standards Document:

  • is a comprehensive social studies document rather than four separate content area (History, Geography, Economics, and Civics) documents. In addition, the number of standards has been condensed from 33 standards to 16 in an effort to make the teaching of content possible in a school year.

  • includes complete standards and benchmarks for grades K – 5 in order to provide Nevada’s elementary teachers with a framework for social studies instruction.

  • is formatted on a K – 12 continuum. This format allows teachers to see what is being taught to Nevada’s students at each grade level.

  • has been grade banded for grades 6 – 8 and 9 – 12 to allow districts the flexibility to align the standards and benchmarks to their courses of study and/or curriculum.

  • each standard has identified themes which follow a horizontal path through the K-12 continuum. The concepts and content of the benchmarks develop across grade levels, creating a spiral curriculum.

  • history standards have been organized thematically to allow the teacher greater flexibility to meet the needs of their students and for designing lessons that capitalize on their area(s) of expertise. However, chronological topics have also been included within the themes to provide teachers with a frame of reference for benchmarks in each history standard.

  • are minimum student expectations, and are not meant to be considered comprehensive curriculum. The state standards document is intended to provide guidance to school districts in the development of an appropriate, comprehensive social studies curriculum.

  • includes a recommended scope and sequence to provide school districts and teachers with a framework that promotes the teaching of a well balanced social studies curriculum. The scope and sequence is recommended for Nevada’s school districts as they plan their social studies curriculum that will allow teachers to provide students with an in-depth analysis of selected ideas, events, personalities, and institutions.