Nevada State Board of Education


The Nevada State Board of Education acts as an advocate and visionary for all children and sets the policy that allows every child equal access to educational services, provides the vision for a premier educational system and works in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure high levels of success for all in terms of job readiness, graduation, ability to be lifelong learners, problem solvers, citizens able to adapt to a changing world and contributing members of society.

    The State Board of Education is composed of eleven members. Four members are elected from the four congressional districts in Nevada, and seven members are appointed. Click the link below for more details.


      Inspiring a better educated Nevada through effective policies.


        To elevate student performance by ensuring opportunity, facilitating learning, and promoting excellence.

        State Board Goals 

        Goal 1 - Develop and follow a work plan to ensure State Board effectiveness.

        Goal 2 - Increase student proficiency in reading, mathematics, science and writing.

        Goal 3 - Improve graduation rate.

        Goal 4 - Insure college and career readiness when students graduate from high school.

        Goal 5 - Insure highly qualified and effective teachers and administrators are in Nevada’s classrooms and schools.

        Goal 6 - Support and expand innovative instructional programs.