Common Core FAQ

How do I make a complaint about Common Core?

Complaints regarding Common Core can be expressed to your school principal, school district superintendent, and your school district's board of trustees. A pamphlet clarifying that Common Core is not a curriculum, but a set of Standards that students need to meet for English Language Arts and Mathematics is available here: Click here under "Resources." Since 1996 Nevada has been a Standards-based education system. In October of 2010, Common Core (Standards-based) was adopted into Nevada State law.

Curriculum is the method (text books, software, lesson plans, etc.) that each school district has local control over for teaching and for aligning with Nevada State Standards. Each school district's board of trustees have the responsibility to approve or disapprove curriculums that are submitted to them by their school district's administrators.

    How do I get more information about Common Core?

    Dave Brancamp, Director, Office of Standards and Instructional Support, Student Achievement Division,