Educator Licensure FAQ

How can I contact the Office of Educator Licensure?

The e-mail address for the Office of Educator Licensure is .
On the brown ribbon, click on the tab "Contact Us" for addresses, phone numbers, and maps for both the Carson City and Las Vegas offices.
To send an inquiry, on that same page in the left column, click on "Contact Educator Licensure," and then scroll down for the form.

How can I get a copy of my teaching license?

You can print out a copy of your license from the link below. 

How do I make a comment, suggestion, or a complaint concerning the Office of Teacher Licensure?

To make a comment, suggestion, or a complaint concerning this Office, please use the provided brief survey, (that allows for comments) from the link below.

I want to apply for a teaching license but I have foreign transcripts. Do you have a list of approved translators?

Yes. The Nevada Commission on Professional Standards in Education approved the list here. (scroll to the bottom, under the heading "Foreign Transcripts")

How can I apply for a job at one your schools?

The Nevada Department of Education does not have any authority over our school districts' hiring, or their volunteer processes.