Homeschooling/Private Schools FAQ

What steps do I take to start Homeschooling my child(ren)?

The State of Nevada only requires a parent or guardian to submit a "Notice of Intent to Homeschool" form for each child and submit it to the school district where you live. To download and print out the form, please click here (it is located under the orange subhead "Forms"). On that same page you can find the contact person and information for each of our school districts under the orange subhead "Local School District Contact Information." The school district will send you a letter of acceptance-keep this as your proof of homeschool status.

For further information about homeschooling in Nevada, please click on "Nevada Homeschool Organization Website" link below.

The private school I attended has closed. How can I get a copy of my transcripts?

Please click the Private School link below and the contact person there may have access to transcripts if the private school sent the transcripts to the Nevada Department of Education in accordance with private school laws.

What is an "Exempt Private School"?

An Exempt Private School (EPS) is a private school that is sponsored by one of the following: a government agency, a fraternal or benevolent organization, a church/ministry/faith-based ministry or is a school that was established prior to 1975. An EPS must be licensed by the Nevada Department of Education in accordance with law, but is exempt from many other requirements of private schools.

How can I get information about the education savings account, Senate Bill 302 (School Choice)?

Information concerning the Education Savings Account program, S.B. 302, is administered by the Nevada State Treasurer's Office.