State Board of Education & Public Meetings FAQ

When does the State Board of Education meet?

The State Board of Education's schedule of meetings for each year is posted as soon as it is approved: Click the link below.

How can I access the agenda?

An agenda and supporting documents for each upcoming meeting will be posted (see link above) as soon as they are available.

Where does the State Board of Education meet?

Meetings are video-conferenced from boardrooms in Las Vegas at 9890 South Maryland Parkway and in Carson City at 700 East Fifth Street.

How can I make a public comment at a State Board of Education meeting?

Public comments regarding only items on the agenda are always taken at the beginning of each State Board Meeting. Public comments regarding any other educational items are always taken at the close of the meeting. Public comments are restricted to 3 minutes.

What does "Public Comment" mean and how is it used at a school district's board of trustees meeting?

"Public Comment" is an opportunity for anyone to speak at an Open Meeting, such as any school district's Board of Trustees' meeting. Comments are usually limited by the President to three minutes. It is permissible to bring prepared written copies of your comments for each of the Trustees, and one copy to give to the Board's assistant for entering into the Minutes "for the record." If you desire to voice a request to the Trustees for a specific outcome, action, or a solution for their consideration, it is appropriate to do so when the President asks for Public Comment.

How can I find out when and where my board of trustees will meet next?
All public meetings need to be posted on the Nevada Public Notice Website ( ).