Resources for Teachers


Nevada teachers are the single most important part of educating today's youth for a better tomorrow. Day in and day out, teachers pass valuable knowledge on to Nevada students, helping them grow as individuals and preparing them to succeed in college and the job market. The Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS) guide Nevada's teachers in providing students with a world-class education.

Nevada's educators have helped lead the state in making significant progress in student achievement. Our teachers are already hard at work implementing Nevada's new academic content standards in English language arts and mathematics (also known as the Common Core State Standards), which are more focused and relevant for the real world. Schools districts and partners at the state level have been working with teachers to fully implement Nevada's new standards in English language arts and mathematics.

The Nevada Department of Education has developed this webpage so Nevada educators can find more information, make connections and explore the resources that are available to help them fully understand and instruct standards and the assessments that are aligned to them.

    Instructional Materials for Educators

    The Nevada Department of Education worked with school districts and the Regional Professional Development Programs to develop grade-level material that supports educators in delivering curriculum aligned to the NVACS in English language arts and mathematics.

    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics

    Achieve the Core: Free, high-quality resources complied by Student Achievement Partners for educators implementing the CCSS, including professional learning modules, handouts, presentations, sample lessons, lesson videos, and much more.